Sceptic Cover ArtWe are pleased to announce a fantastic new science fiction e-book is NOW available on Amazon UK and US. ┬áSceptic is a┬ástandalone scifi thriller set a short way in the future. Here’s the blurb:

In a dystopian world in the mechanical grip of religion, a genius developer, a revolutionary artificial brain, and a man stripped of his memory, find themselves on the run from the authorities.

Moses Libereco, a developer crafting artificial minds for the formidable CleriC robots that police the world, makes a simple mistake while training his latest creation. The ensuing whirlwind of chaos shatters his life, exposes unimaginable long-buried secrets, and puts the entire world in danger. With the aid of an enigmatic man recovering from a near-death experience, they must take on the state and save themselves. With just the three of them against an army of fanatical robots hell-bent on protecting the regime and its secrets, is survival even possible?



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