2020 may have been a very slow year, for reasons I do not need to list here, but we are finally within shouting distance of launching the completely rewritten Astronomicon book 1, retitled from “The Beginning” to “Inception Point”.

It’s largely the same characters and scenario but the events within the story are different, pacing much improved and a huge amount of work has gone into making the vessel technology more scientifically accurate. The Elysian, the main vessel in the story, has undergone a total redesign which had the unfortunate side-effect of making the current cover-art obsolete.

As much as we liked the current cover, to fit with the new design and to highlight how different this novel is from the original, it was clearly time to introduce new cover art. So, here it is:

Inception Point Front Cover Art

The Elysian is a 3D model which can be rendered at any angle opening up all sorts of possibilities for illustrations and marketing materials. For example, here is a shot of it flying away from the camera.

There will be a further announcement when the novel is launched on Amazon.

More details on Paul Vincent’s Blog.

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