Astronomicon: Deadline - Front Cover ArtWe are pleased to announce that a standalone addition to the Astronomicon Universe is NOW available on Amazon UK and US. Astronomicon: Deadline is a lighthearted farce set in the same Astronomicon Universe but not part of the main series (so no need to have read any other Astronomicon novels). Here’s the blurb:


Blake Horton just wanted to get home. He didn’t expect secret government agents, space pirates, an alien intruder, an archaeological discovery and a marriage of convenience to get in his way.

This comedy sci-fi novel covers the misadventures of an out-of-work life-support systems engineer on his way back to Earth and a reporter desperately needing a scoop to save her career. He needs to get back before the reading of a will. She needs a breakthrough in her story before her time limit is up. With each other’s help, getting back to Earth in time should be possible but life certainly isn’t about to make things that simple for them.

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