Shake-the-Tree Science Fiction logoShake-the-Tree is an e-book publisher working primarily in the genre of Science Fiction, also known as speculative fiction. Ever since we published our first Sci-Fi novel all the way(!) back in 2011 we have aimed to improve our output and increase the number of novels we put out each year. 2013 sees us add some excellent new services to our website and looks like it will be our best year yet.

Currently we specialise in hard science fiction with a strong human slant. That is science fiction where the science has a strong element of fact, or at least very educated speculation based on current science. This maximises the realism of the novels and improves the experience for readers.

We promote and market the books we publish, even creating the artwork so far. In future we would like to work with some freelance science fiction illustrators. If you are such an artist, send us a link to your profile/blog/homepage and, if we like you, we’ll add your link to our site.


Other services:

As well as publishing we are gradually expanding to offer a range of other services.


 Example science fiction publications:

To see an example of our output, check out the Astronomicon series website.